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The Ezim Law Firm proudly serves our clients in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas, providing assistance for those in need of legal representation. Our accredited lawyers, Dr. Harry Ezim, Jr. and Dean M. Esposito, primarily practice in the following legal areas:

  • Personal injury
  • Family law
  • Criminal law (felony and misdemeanor)
  • Business litigation
  • Auto accidents
  • Civil trials
  • And other legal matters

Whether you have been hurt in an accident or are going through a contested divorce, give us a call. Our focused, experienced lawyers help you from the beginning and are by your side through each stage of the legal process, giving you the personalized attention you deserve! Increase your chances of winning in Louisiana court by hiring representation from Ezim Law Firm.

If you want to beat them, call Ezim Law Firm. Attorney Harry W. Ezim, Jr. is highly qualified for combatant action. Operation "fire for fire"!

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